Plan to Address Interstate Gun Trade and Gun Violence in Connecticut

Connecticut is a national leader in enacting effective gun control and prevention policies to keep communities across the state safe. And, we are rightly proud of our bipartisan efforts to curb gun violence. However, the Trump Administration’s failure to require universal background checks, ban assault weapons, and close the gun show loophole means that every day illegal guns are flowing into Connecticut from out of state and undermining our ability to keep our people safe.

Our next Attorney General must be prepared to challenge the reckless conduct of a Republican Congress and out-of-state and online gun dealers who are flooding the market with illegal guns.

As Attorney General, I will:

Challenge Concealed Carry Reciprocity. I will challenge the Trump Administration’s and the NRA’s effort to enact concealed carry reciprocity through the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, or any similar legislation. If passed, it would allow anyone in compliance with the gun laws in their home state – no matter how lax – to bring their guns into Connecticut and other states, without having to comply with our common-sense gun laws. It would, in effect, legalize illegal gun ownership—and is an unlawful infringement on Connecticut’s authority to protect public health and safety within our state. I will present the strongest possible legal challenge to such legislation.

Reduce Gun Trafficking. Connecticut has some of the strongest gun laws in the country, but the prevalence of states with lax gun laws puts our safety at risk. There is indisputable evidence that many guns used in crimes in places with strict regulations originate in states with far weaker laws. As Attorney General, I will join with other states that are destinations for illegal guns (New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts) to investigate all legal avenues for challenging the lack of regulatory oversight in source states. Just as other states may not send their pollution into Connecticut, they also cannot engage in reckless behavior that sends illegal guns into our state. I will expand multi-state efforts to track guns used in crimes back to their point of origin so that we can hold gun dealers who engage in reckless sales practices accountable.

Investigate and Take Legal Action Against Online Gun Dealers. In addition to trafficking guns from other states, individuals and criminal organizations are able to take advantage of the internet to avoid background checks and exploit other loopholes. Unauthorized sellers are able to sell firearms to individuals that should not legally be able to purchase guns, and such weapons have been used in various violent crimes. As Attorney General, I will lead multi-state investigations and take legal action against illegal online gun dealers to ensure that Connecticut’s common-sense laws cannot be circumvented.

Advocate For and Defend Smart Gun Technology. As Attorney General, I will convene legislators, state agencies and federal partners to demand that gun manufactures implement gun safety technology. Features such as biometric and RFID sensors, and fingerprint trigger locks can prevent unauthorized individuals from using specific guns, and decrease rates of suicide, accidental shootings and deaths from stolen firearms.[1] In addition to defending these laws from the gun lobby’s legal attacks, I will challenge new technology, such as 3D printing, which allows for the manufacturing of illegal and untraceable firearms. Gun manufactures that do not take every possible step to keep the public safe should, and will be, held accountable in the court of law.

Expand Violence Prevention and Recidivism Reduction Programs. Connecticut’s Project Longevity, which is focused on targeted preemptive intervention efforts to combat gun violence, has been recognized as one of the nation’s most effective gun violence reduction programs.[2] The program emphasizes community engagement and offers a variety of resources for communities facing disproportionate levels of gun violence. I will partner with officials from the Department of Corrections, law enforcement branches and social services organizations to develop and enhance violence prevention and recidivism reduction programs. We must identify and address the root causes of gun violence to protect communities across our state and decrease likelihood of individuals becoming repeat offenders.

Limit and Track Ammunition Purchases. We must regulate ammunition with the same intensity and scrutiny that we apply to firearms. States, such as California, have recently passed legislation to better regulate and track the sale of ammunition. In Connecticut, we should also pass legislation that would require vendors to record and report ammunition sales, so that law enforcement can identify suspicious purchasing patterns. Additionally, we should enforce a limit on monthly ammunitions sales. There is no reasonable self-protection scenario where an individual needs tens of thousands of bullets. Ammunition restrictions will surely be attacked by the gun lobby, and as Attorney General I will go to court to defend common-sense regulations that keep us safe.

[1] Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. “New Report Details The Opportunity For Gun Safety Technology to Save Lives and Make Deadly Weapons Far More Secure,” 6/14/2018.

[2] Blair, Russell. “Report: Connecticut’s Project Longevity Is Effective Tool Against Gun Violence,” Hartford Courant, 12/19/2017.

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