Why Chris Mattei

Seymour’s Behuniak: Vote Mattei For AG

This Tuesday, August 14th is Primary Day here in Connecticut.

Any registered Democrat can go to their polling place and have their say in who is on the final ballot in a host of races come November.

This year, I believe that there is one candidate in one race who deserves our support more than all of the others. That candidate is Christopher Mattei, for Attorney General.

Over the last year plus, I have had the opportunity to meet and talk with Chris on numerous occasions and I have watched him grow into the most impressive person and candidate in any race on either side of the aisle. Chris is pragmatic, willing to listen, and incredibly determined to best represent Connecticut as “The People’s Lawyer.” In a trying political climate I have the utmost confidence in Chris to steer the legal ship.

Chris has dedicated his life to fighting corruption in politics and advocating on the behalf of our nation’s most vulnerable. During his time in the U.S Attorney’s Office he prosecuted numerous high profile cases dealing with Public Corruption, most notably, the case that put former Governor Rowland in prison in 2015. Perhaps even more importantly than that,
Chris never let his political alignment get in the way of doing good work. He prosecuted corrupt Democrats and Republicans with equal tenacity. This proves that he can be trusted to use the office of the Attorney General to do the right thing no matter the political consequence.

As a bonus, Chris has taken a keen interest in the lower Valley. He has made numerous appearances and held press conferences here. I know him to be truly concerned with fixing the Waterbury train line, fostering economic development, and supporting legal action fighting the opiod manufacturers responsible for the current epidemic. Wouldn’t it be great to have a voice in Hartford who is really in touch with us here in the Valley?

As you look through the various candidates for Attorney General, you will see many quality individuals with experience serving the people of Connecticut. However, you will find no candidate with more courtroom experience fighting for the best interests of Connecticut than Chris Mattei. We need someone for the job who knows how to do the job. In these crazy political times where the lines of decorum and civility continue to be crossed, we can’t afford to wait for someone to grow into the position.

When I ask myself what I would like out of our next Attorney General, the person’s political positions are important, but their experience and character is tantamount. If we use these criteria to judge the candidates, there is no individual from either party with the history of fighting for the good of the state, the courtroom experience, and the quality of character of Chris.

When you go to the polls on Tuesday, please join me in casting your vote for Chris Mattei for Attorney General!

The writer is a member of the Seymour Board of Selectmen and the chairman of the town’s Democratic Party.


Senate President Pro Tem Looney: Chris Mattei Is The Candidate We Need

This is no ordinary time in America. I have been involved in politics for a long time, and I have seen presidents whom I did not vote for, and whose policy ideas I was staunchly against, occupy the Oval Office. However, the current administration represents a more sinister threat. The Trump administration is assaulting our most basic rights, our democratic institutions, and our nation’s moral character.

Connecticut must elect an Attorney General with the skill and experience to stand up to this administration, and by far the best candidate to do that is Chris Mattei. Chris is a former assistant United States attorney who took corrupt politicians and large corporations that were abusing their power to court — and consistently won. He used the court of law to protect communities from gun traffickers and seniors from fraudulent financial schemes. He held those engaging in unethical and illegal behavior accountable, regardless of how powerful or intimidating they may have been. Chris’ career representing the public interest not only speaks volumes to his character, but also demonstrates his qualifications.

I wholeheartedly support Chris Mattei, because now, more than ever, we need a gifted and experienced attorney general to stand up for us.

Martin Looney, New Haven

The writer is the president pro tem of the Connecticut state Senate.