Former Assistant US Attorney Chris Mattei Calls on Governor Malloy to Review Trump’s Family Separation Policy

Jun 20, 2018 | News | 0 comments

Former assistant US Attorney Chris Mattei today issued the following statement regarding the Trump administration’s family separation policy and the need for Connecticut to initiate a review of its impact on Connecticut families in preparation for potential legal action:

“What is happening on our southern border is a moral obscenity. The intentional infliction of trauma on babies and children is a wound in our national spirit and a rejection by the President of what is good and decent in America.”

“I believe it is also a violation of the law, and must be challenged in court. The children, who have not been charged with any crimes, are entitled to constitutional process and protections, including the right to be free from physical, emotional and psychological harm. Their rights have been violated and made subservient to the unnecessary, separate detention of their parents. I’m proud that Connecticut officials, including Attorney General Jepsen, have denounced the family separation policy and called for its end.”
“I believe that Connecticut ought to join states like New York and pursue a potential legal challenge to the policy in court. To accomplish this, it is critical that our state’s leaders determine whether any Connecticut residents have been deprived of legal rights as a result of the policy. Therefore, I am respectfully calling on Governor Malloy to initiate a review by state agencies and in partnership with our congressional delegation to confirm whether any individuals detained under the current policy are housed in Connecticut, and whether any Connecticut residents have family members who are detained under the current policy. This review is a critical first step in advance of any legal action by the State of Connecticut challenging the family separation policy in federal court.