Statement of Chris Mattei on Qualifying for the Democratic Primary Ballot

May 19, 2018 | News | 0 comments

As a first time candidate for public office, I am incredibly humbled by the support of so many delegates who cast a vote for me today in Hartford, and resoundingly put us on the ballot for the August primary.  I also want to congratulate Representative Tong on receiving the endorsement and look forward to a primary with him and Senator Doyle focused on the issues that Connecticut voters care about.

The convention exemplified the very best of our party — a gathering of 2,000 energized, passionate Democrats who give countless hours of their time because they believe our progressive values are worth fighting for. I started this campaign from scratch as an outsider candidate, without the political connections or fundraising networks that many bring with them to the pursuit of statewide office. But thanks to the hard work of our dedicated volunteers and the support from progressive leaders across the state, we have a head of steam as we move forward.

Now, we return to the urgent work of bringing the conversation directly to voters in living rooms and union halls across every corner of Connecticut. Together, we will protect Connecticut’s families from President Trump’s disastrous agenda, work to restore the public’s trust in our government, and lift up the voices of those whose struggle too often goes unnoticed by those in the halls of power.