New Haven DTC Chair Vinnie Mauro, Jr. Endorses Chris Mattei for Attorney General

May 17, 2018 | News | 0 comments

New Haven, CT – Today, Vinnie Mauro Jr., chair of the New Haven Democratic Town Committee, announced his endorsement of former Assistant United States Attorney Chris Mattei for Attorney General. This builds on strong support Mattei has already received in New Haven from 26 members of the Board of Alders and City Clerk Michael Smart. New Haven is the largest delegation in the state, with 97 elected delegates and 3 super-delegates.

“The New Haven Democratic Town Committee is a model for how Democratic politics should work. It is inclusive, vibrant, hard-working and deeply committed to advancing progressive values in our state. That is why New Haven Democrats consistently produce overwhelming majorities for Democratic candidates for statewide office,” said Mattei.  “This is a testament to the leadership of Vinnie Mauro and the progressive coalition in New Haven that he and others have assembled. I’m proud to stand alongside Vinnie Mauro as, together, we work to make our politics more responsive to and reflective of working families in New Haven and all over Connecticut.”

New Haven DTC Chair Vinnie Mauro Jr. said, “Today I’m proud to endorse Chris Mattei for Attorney General. Since Chris began this next chapter in his life of public service, he has spent countless hours and days understanding the City of New Haven and the diverse aspects of its citizens. It is that dedication to learning and understanding our city that has made Chris the overwhelming choice of the New Haven Democratic Town Committee and the New Haven Board of Alders. Chris cares about our city, his family originated here – his grandparents lived their lives in Wooster Square and his father grew up in the Hill neighborhood on Howard Avenue. Chris will be the kind of Attorney General that will make his family proud while ensuring our city’s values are understood.”

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