New Haven Board of Alders President Tyisha Walker-Myers and City Democratic Leaders Endorse Chris Mattei

May 4, 2018 | News

NEW HAVEN, CT — Thursday, May 3rd, 2018 – Today, New Haven Board of Alders President Tyisha Walker-Myers, New Haven City/Town Clerk Michael Smart, and 22 members of the New Haven Board of Alders announced their endorsement of former Assistant United States Attorney Chris Mattei for Attorney General.

“My father grew up in New Haven, born on Howard Avenue in the Hill. This is where it all started for my family, and I’m deeply honored to have the support of so many courageous leaders from New Haven,” said Mattei. “These leaders represent the hopes, dreams and struggles of families all over New Haven. As their Attorney General, I will be their voice. I will defend the values we share, from helping immigrants live without fear to ensuring workers have the right to organize unions to fighting corporate abuse.”

“Chris reached out to almost every alder and after going through our process of evaluating candidates a great number of alders believe Chris is the right choice for Attorney General,” said New Haven Board of Alders President Tyisha Walker-Myers. “He understands the issues facing our city and has the experience it takes to stand up for our most vulnerable populations. He has worked with people trying to organize unions, undocumented immigrants, homeless and seniors. At a time like this we need someone who is not afraid to stand up and fight. We are ready to work together in delivering the vote for him and more importantly we will hold him accountable as our next Attorney General.”

“At the U.S. Attorney’s office Chris took on Wall Street fraud, illegal gun trafficking, and corrupt politicians, so I know he has the experience and courage to stand up and fight for the people of this great state,” said New Haven City/Town Clerk Michael Smart.

The following 22 members of the New Haven Board of Alders also endorsed Chris Mattei today:
Ward 22 Jeanette Morrison, President Pro Tem
Ward 27 Richard Furlow, Majority Leader
Ward 5 Dave Reyes, Deputy Majority Leader
Ward 8 Aaron Greenberg, Third Officer
Ward 1 Haci Catalbasoglu
Ward 2 Frank Douglass
Ward 3 Ron Hurt
Ward 6 Dolores Colon
Ward 9 Charles Decker
Ward 10 Anna Festa
Ward 11 Renee Haywood
Ward 12 Gerald Antunes
Ward 13 Rose Santana
Ward 14 Kenneth Reveiz
Ward 15 Ernie Santiago
Ward 16 Jose Crespo
Ward 18 Sal DeCola
Ward 19 Kim Edwards
Ward 20 Delphine Clyburn
Ward 24 Evette Hamilton
Ward 25 Adam Marchand
Ward 28 Jill Marks
Ward 29 Brian Wingate